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"The Professor verbalized so many things of the true reality of work in such a short period of time. And I have never so deeply dived into these realms in such a passionate way. Very different from the traditional!"

Pedro Leite

Worten Store Manager

"Working with me revealed an extraordinary ability to read the emotional currents of a team. With enormous ease of relationship and high competence. Jorge's work is essential to achieve victory. He knows what he is talking about and performs brilliantly!"

Jesualdo Ferreira

Coach, National Champion

"I loved his performance in the TV debates. He knows what he wants, speaks with sincerity, is cultured and kind. May the country listen to him and businesses follow."

Bernardo Caciano Sommer


"Jorge Sequeira brought to mind a quote from Chesterton "We are all in the same boat on a stormy sea and owe each other terrible loyalty." In the global world we live in, team spirit is the asset that makes the difference."

Jaime Maia

Sonae Director

“I would like to thank you for one of the most emphatic, attention holding and poignant speeches we have ever heard. A company with an audience diverse as ours is a very tall order and you captured it brilliantly. The art of education whilst entertaining is a rare talent. Each and every one of us left the room feeling totally energised.”

Adrian Bridge

Taylor’s CEO

"It gave us a powerful injection of self-confidence that left us excited and full of sales drive to conquer the market. It's amazing how you take science and turn it into a practical tool. A real show!"

Cristina Veiga

Remax Real Estate Agent

"With their help and foresight, Portugal, in the image of what it does with its students, will be a better, happier, more competitive and merit-based country."

Tiago Saleiro Costa


"Professor Jorge Sequeira's lecture was a success, exceeding all expectations. Masterly the way he reached the audience! Examples, unparalleled humor and stories with which we identify. A great moment that we lived together. I highly recommend it."

Sofia Carvalho

Sinistros Allianz Direction

"Jorge Sequeira's intervention was simply extraordinary. With a well directed alignment to the target that was intended to be achieved, I'm sure it helped us to improve. By the way, his sense of humour is spectacular! "

Álvaro Teixeira da Cruz

EDP Commercial Coordinator

"Invited by the Portuguese Football Federation, he was a trainer for some of the best coaches in the world. Their opinion was unanimous: few master the mental aspects of top competition like Professor Jorge Sequeira. He's a champion!"

José Neto

FPF-UEFA Training Coordinator

"My vote goes to a man who taught me a lot, who made me smile and who above all "exudes" countless values that this society needs, such as humility and irreproachable intellectual honesty."

Manuela Ferreira