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Scientifically proven with an accessible language that is likely to create moments of good mood. With the use of videos, music and enchanting stories, shared reflection and celebration is guaranteed, sparked by an energizing approach full of motivation and glow.

Pedal to the Medal

A dazzling journey through the main soft skills that drive effective action.

The itinerary for a vibrant gymkhana is mapped out by the acronym "PEDAL". The letter "P" is related to a Positive vision, the "E" is linked to the improvement of Teamwork, the "D" expresses the Determination based on a greater motivation. The word Believe refers to the "A" and the Fight is the "L" which symbolizes the resilience associated with overcoming.

The Guilt Marriage

Personal responsibility is needed. Guilt can never die alone....

No more shaking the water off the cloak and blaming others for our own failures. It is also urgent to abandon paralysing complaining and stop systematically pointing the accusatory finger. In this way, we can build organisations that are less toxic, healthier, more transparent and therefore more collectively efficient.

Rage to Win: Confidence and Motivation

Self-confidence, goals, commitment and engagement to go further.

The power of believing, in yourself and in others. How to make a greater impact through involvement, a sense of belonging, determination and discipline. Here, you will develop these and other attitudes related to excellence that will allow you to "always play to win", constituting a real injection of energy and mental vigour.

Resilience: Overcoming Adversity

We are living in times of great difficulty. How to turn round and come out on top!...

How to overcome the winds that don't blow well? This lecture will give you the tools you need to change the sails, rip the waves and conquer oceans of opportunities, leaving fatalism shipwrecked. You will be at the helm with a new mindset, harnessing threats to appeal to your strengths, becoming even more competitive. In short, make lemonade out of lemon!

The Power of Optimism

Develop positive expectations, in search of happiness, where getting it right is human!

Hoping for the best encourages good results. Learn to readjust your thinking by nourishing your will with curiosity, enthusiasm and hope. Look for the brightness in the darkness, let yourself fly and don't get tired because you work with pleasure. You'll get further if you're serious without being uptight. Expand your business as you open your smile and show that you've got sense!

Winning Teams

How to turn a group of individuals into a powerful and demolishing whole.

We are stronger because of the collective force we emanate. To develop a cooperative spirit. Better to eat a pudding together than a bale of straw alone! Know the mass from which the cement that joins the different bricks is made, in order to transform the agglomerate into a cohesive and unshakable wall. The power of synergy, where no one breaks stones anymore, but cathedrals are built!


Feed the dream, wake up, set goals and realise what the imagination offers.

The dream is the ignition of ideas that anticipate projects and lead to their realisation. "I have a dream", only then can everything else be started... That's why it's good to walk on the moon to then put your feet on the ground, moving from delirium, devoid of censorship, to the work done. Without that spark, nothing gets done! Always remember, everything that is reality today was once a dream.

An Upside Down World

An inverted pyramid, customer focus and managing uncertainty with autonomy.

Consumers at the top, bosses at the bottom, because it is the former that must be service. Anticipate needs, have the courage to ask, take comfort in uncertainty, demonstrate agility, talk less and do more. Be the nail that sticks out without fear of being hit on the head! Don't let yourself be surprised, become the surprise. Proactivity is the board that will allow you to ride the wave.

Embrace the Change

Drive competitive change, realise opportunities and make a difference.

Change is cruel when we are not part of it! We often perceive change as a strong threat to our equilibrium, thus blocking personal development and business innovation. Change is the only constant in life, so we look for the right man for the uncertain place. For, not the strongest or smartest survive, but those who adapt.

Mobilising Leadership

Empowerment. Influence driving overachievement and a sense of pride.

If the leader takes you further than you would go on your own, then appreciate him! The leader must delegate, stimulate divergent thinking and not put fences around those he leads, otherwise they will turn into sheep!... He will be the shepherd of the helmsmen, not sanctioning different behaviours in the same way and taking every opportunity to catch them in the act of doing things right.